The most common among side effects of avapro include upset stomach, diarrhea, heartburn, and fatigue.

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Hypkalmia: In th Ibsatan Diabtic Nphopathy Tial (IDNT) (potinuia ?900 mg/day, and sum catinin anging om 1.0ai??i??3.0 mg/dL), th pcnt patints with potassium >6 mq/L was 18.6% in th Avapgoup vsus 6.0% in th placbgoup. Discontinuations du thypkalmia in th Avapgoup w 2.1% vsus 0.4% in th placbgoup.

High Blood Pssu « Took 150mg a day sval yas. I livd with th dizzinss whn gtting up knling down. Alsadvsly actd my uination habits. Had tgo, wak stam tc. Th doctswitchd m tBnica 20mg. Woks btt on lowing blood pssu, NO dizzinss at all, and ping is back tnomal. Bnica is a MUCH MUCH btt blood pssu mdicin m. »

High Blood Pssu « Contolld blood pssu just in. But th dizzinss upon gtting up was ptty bad. Had tuinat many tims a day and duing th night as wll. « 

Igu 3: IDNT: Kaplan-Mi stimats Pimay ndpoint (Doubling Sum Catinin, nd-Stag nal Disas All-Caus Motality)

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