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Skin and subcutaneous tissue disordersToxic epidermal necrolysisStevens-Johnson syndromeacute generalized exanthematous pustulosisdermatitis bullousdermatitis exfoliativeerythema multiformerashurticariapruritus may occur.

Lincomycin has been shown to be active in vitro against the following microorganismshoweverthe safety and efficacy of Lincocin in treating clinical infections due to these organisms have not been established in adequate and well controlled trials.

This drug is contraindicated in patients previously quinoa salad is good to lose, quinoa salad is good to lose, quinoa salad is good to lose, quinoa salad is good to lose, quinoa salad is good to lose, quinoa salad is good to lose. found to be hypersensitive to lincomycin or clindamycin.

LINCOCINlincomycin hydrochlorideis indicated in the treatment of infections caused by Gram-positive organisms that are sensitive to its actionparticularly streptococci and staphylococci

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